HiTek Services, Inc. is your one-stop-shop for integrated electro-optical-mechanical design, integration, testing, and small production runs.  We provide research, development, engineering, rapid prototyping, and fabrication support to the aerospace, renewable energy, robotics, printing, medical, and agricultural industries.

HiTek was formed in 1996 in Huntsville, AL to support the agricultural and renewable energy markets and has evolved into a support service with a diverse customer base.  HiTek’s technical capabilities include all aspects of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.  HiTek excels at the rapid-prototyping of customer designs, whether from fully developed drawing sets or sketches on napkins.

Our electronics fabrication capability allows us to populate, test, and produce small lots of PCBs or fully integrated electro-optical-mechanical products. Our fully equipped CNC machine shop produces milled and turned parts to meet the most exacting tolerances.

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